Ar-Blog Visits: Eureka, Strike Two.


Haven’t we already been here before and written a review of Eureka?

Yes we have. But – the new, improved, £2.9m ‘All About Me’ gallery opened at the end of March and so of course we wanted to go for a nosey around! I remember this exhibit as a child, I have this lasting impression of there being a huge mouth that made you feel so tiny. It was magical. So I was intrigued to see what they’d done to my childhood memories.

This was the fourth time we’ve been to Eureka already this year. The fourth. So that £20 we paid originally has been put to good use! We’ve kind of fallen in love with the place. It’s so close to us and such good value for money. So one Saturday afternoon we popped in to check out the new exhibit.

The gallery is really interesting, it feels almost as if it’s been designed as much for the adults as the kids. We were as excited to play and explore as Holly was. There is so much to do. This one gallery almost feels like a whole museum.

I LOVED the section on babies and pregnancy. There are babies to change and measure and an ultra sound machine to play with. When you feel the pregnant woman’s stomach there’s a baby that kicks, it feels so real. Holly was amazed by the body scanner and the interactive water pool. I love how confident was, stood dancing and didn’t care who was watching.

The staff are incredibly helpful and friendly. They’re so enthusiastic and get you really involved with the gallery. We had a competition against one of the members of staff while another played with Holly and a talking robot. It’s really impressive when people are happy to spend quality time with you.

And the best bit? The huge magical mouth with the wobbly tooth is still there. The next generation is now enjoying the delights of brushing an oversized mouth with an oversized tooth brush.

Have a look at the pictures below. It is definitely worth a visit.



This is not a review. We just Love Eureka!

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