Uni Girls & a York Reunion

You know those friends.

The ones where you don’t see them for ages and ages and ages.

Then when you do meet up it’s like nothings ever changed?

My uni girls are those type of friends.


I remember sitting on the first day of Uni outside our lecture hall (one of the only times I was ever early for a lecture) and being so so nervous. Kelly & Rachel were there too looking just as nervous, so we teamed up. It’s easier not to be nervous when you’ve got friends. Since then we’ve had what feels like millions of teaching placements, too many bizarre assignments and dissertations to do, but we always had a laugh. Seven years later and nothing much has changed. I’m still late for everything and we’re still great friends.

We always had and still have fabulous nights out. Rach & Kel are the BEST dancing partners, who doesn’t love a good dance? But when we all graduated and got jobs teaching at the end of uni we lost Kelly to Surrey where she went to live with her beau, Rach stayed in Sheffield and I moved to Leeds. We’ve not let distance stop us being there for the important events and all of our weddings! The BEST thing about us not being on the doorstep is that every so often we make an excuse to have a girly weekend catch up somewhere glamorous. This last weekend, we visited York!



York is the most beautiful city.

Unless you’re cold hearted you can’t help but admire the beauty of York.

There’s always something to see and true to form we landed in York on the day they were hosting a two day viking festival. It was heaving with people but we still manages to visit the new Mini Betty’s Tea rooms. If you haven’t been to Betty’s you really should go at least once, it’s just too cute – and they do the best chocolate milkshakes.

It was a weekend of drinks, good food and good company. Instead of going straight out dancing like old times we went on the York Creeper Ghost Tour first, which got us slightly nervy wandering in the dark streets of York but it was a superb experience and a superb weekend.

We’d all highly recommend Bentham Lodge Guest House and I’m pretty sure we’re going to try and head back to York in the summer to go to the races! Wahoo!

Thank goodness for uni girls.


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